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All the details and news about our villas,  our homeplace, tourism and real estate investing, and Thassos lifestyle. Search through our blog and let us update you in all that take place in our evergreen island in the Aegean.


Studio flat 50 sq. m available for sale in Thessaloniki

Studio flat 50 sq. m available for sale, in Rotonda areal, excellent for commercial or private use. Ideal for students, couples and young professionals. Fully furnished!

It features:

What our clients say about us!

What our clients say about us!

One of our top priorities at Novalis Terra is our clients – or better said our friends-, to really feel at home, literally and metaphorically.

From the moment we meet, we want them to feel that they not only have a new house in Greece but also a new Greek family. And we believe, we have really achieved something good here.

A Day in Thassos

A Day in Thassos

We ve been living in

Our Expert point of view on current Luxury Real Estate Trends

Our Expert point of view on current Luxury Real Estate Trends

Luxury is…

Up until the recent days, luxury had a lot to do with high price, branded names and crafted work. Nowadays, in times when everything is about individuality, self-care, and personalization, things seem to have changed. In 2019, luxury can take different meanings to different people, affecting all sectors and consumer trends.

4 alternative forms of tourism that investors can nail in Thassos

 Thassos is one of those destinations that is offered for many forms of tourism and can satisfy all kinds of tastes. Are you more into mountains? The sea? Are you into sports or do you prefer just lying at the beach? Do you prefer a quite type of holiday or are you more out and about in bars, clubs, and restaurants? Whether you are a teenager, family, a group of friends, a younger or middle-aged couple, you can be certain that Thassos won’t disappoint you.

Golden Visa Programme


Nowadays, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote its competitive advantages and investment potential in various sectors of production.

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