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All the details and news about our villas,  our homeplace, tourism and real estate investing, and Thassos lifestyle. Search through our blog and let us update you in all that take place in our evergreen island in the Aegean.





Η εταιρία μας αναζητά

Μηχανικό / Εργοδηγό

που θα εργαστεί στη Θάσο και στη Χαλκιδική σε ιδιωτικά τεχνικά έργα.


Απαραίτητα προσόντα:

• Εργοταξιακή εμπειρία οκτώ έως δέκα ετών σε κτιριακά έργα στην Ελλάδα ή στο εξωτερικό.

• Δίπλωμα ΑΕΙ Πολιτικού Μηχανικού. 

• Άριστη ικανότητα διαχείρισης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού. 

The best 6 beaches of Thassos

The best 6 beaches of Thassos

What is there not to love about a beach?

Well, as residents of Thassos and sea lovers, we honestly can’t find a thing.

In our last blog post we spoke about all the reasons why we as humans are naturally drawn to the water and how living by the sea can make us happy.

As locals of the Emerald Island of Greece, we have visited and discovered every little corner of this amazing place.

Why Mom Was Right About Living by the Sea

Why Mom Was Right About Living by the Sea

My mom grew up in a Greek Island before she moved to the city. She, like everyone else who has lived near the water, claims that if you ever live by the sea, SHE (the sea) will become your greatest love. The one you can never overcome and the one you never want to overcome.

Only when I lived in Thassos island, I came to truly understand this. And I would now like to go deeper into the reasons why my mom’s theory is actually true.

Doing Bohemian interior design the Right Way

The term “Bohemians” came to describe the poor Parisian artists in the 19th Century, a group that shared common characteristics with the Gypsies (“bohemians” in French). These characteristics incorporated an independent and unconventional lifestyle, disregard of wealth, love for the arts and the pursuit of relationships. Living for today and not worrying about tomorrow was a core philosophy for bohemians.

The movement of the bohemians eventually influenced many aspects in society, predominantly fashion and design.

4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.

4 Reasons THIS property in Thessaloniki will land you a good deal.



Golden Visa Programme


Nowadays, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote its competitive advantages and investment potential in various sectors of production.

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