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Life in a Great Place.

At Skala Rachoni, very close to the sea, in a lush grove with 500-year history and in total harmony with the natural environment, the team of Novalis Terra created Olion settlement, which consists of 17 modern, one-of-a-kind villas.

Each villa has a separate entrance and also access to all public areas of the settlement.

So privacy is combined with modern facilities offering a complete proposal for modern housing, where you can create your own unique life moments.

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Olion εξωτερικοί χώροι
Olion εξωτερικοί χώροι
Olion εξωτερικοί χώροι

Olion exteriors

The Olion settlement has been built in an area of ​​25 acres and designed in a way that reflects the harmony of the natural environment with the design in its better version.

In public spaces we created the most modern facilities including tennis and soccer field (5x5), pool, barbeque, green paths for walking and an organized playground. The village has got even its own drilling, ensuring autonomy in water for all residents.

Each villa has its own private garden 900-1600 sqm..

In Olion, privacy is combined with the comfort in the most beautiful natural environment, giving you the opportunity to create your own "home" full of dreams and unique moments!

Olion Villas is about infinite moments in nature, simplicity in life and rebalance with the inner self. Straight lines, shadows and light in a perfect harmony, clearness and discretion invite all to a refuge of completion, hope, love and life.

The architect team

Olion interior
Olion interior
Olion Bedroom
Olion interior

Olion interior

17 independent residents of modern architecture, each one ready to serve your needs and be transformed into your own "home"!

Each Olion villa consists of two floors with total area of 100 square meters, and includes:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Private garden 1300 sq.m.
  • Private pool
  • Barbeque
  • Complete residential and high technological equipment
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Heating and cooling air conditioning of maximum performance and low energy consumption
  • Fireplace
  • Car Parking Spaces

All Olion villas combine aesthetics with maximum comfort and they are ideal for living throughout the year. Just add your own stamp and fill your "home" with the happiest moments!

Feel free to contact our sales department for more information.

Весь покрытый зеленью, абсолютно весь, остров Тасос на Эгейском море есть!
Невообразимое количество разнообразной зелени и красивых бухт, ласковое, изумрудное море и белоснежный песок


Ко всему этому великолепию добавить прекрасную греческую кухню из свежайших, местных продуктов и приветливых местных жителей, и тогда можно получить маленькое представление о возможностях отдыха на этом острове

Сергей р.

Εδώ υπάρχει πάντα χρόνος για όμορφες στιγμές και ζούμε την κάθε ημέρα μοναδικά. Όλα εδώ μυρίζουν αλλιώς, ακόμη και ο αέρας είναι διαφορετικός. Τίποτα δεν συγκρίνεται με το να νιώθει κάποιος ότι έφτασε στο σπίτι του !

Βίκυ Σ.

К нашему счастью, в этом райском уголке, мы нашли свой Эдем - жилой комплекс, посреди оливковой рощи, под названием Олион. Вот уже третий год подряд мы проводим здесь все свое свободное время


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Nous aimons la surveillance du bâtiment et du site, l’entretien du jardin et de la piscine, le nettoyage de la maison avant notre arrivé!Quel plaisir de vivre dans une maison où nous avons choisi les couleurs, les matériaux. Nous nous sentons chez nous, c’est unique !


Tasos- zeleno ostrvo s mnostvom prekrasnih pescanih plaza, zaliva i uvala, s mirisom borovine i mora i sto je ne malo vazno s dobronamernim i gostoprimljivim ljudima.Kazu da je dom tamo gde je srce.

Zorana R.

Wir haben diese Entscheidung nicht bereut und in der Firma Novalis Terra einen lokalen Partner gefunden, der sich durch professionelles Handeln, eine zeitnahe Umsetzung, erstklassige Qualitäten und persönlichen Charme auszeichnet. Bei Novalis Terra sind deutsche Professionalität und griechische Lebenslust praktizierte Firmenkultur.

Tulay D.
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Nowadays, Greece presents unique investment opportunities through business development models that promote its competitive advantages and investment potential in various sectors of production.

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